We Love Our Pets

As pet owners we are familiar with the bond between us and our pets.We know first-hand the emotions that are evoked when we think of our pet when we are away from him for a long period of time. We know all of this because we have experienced it, read about it; we have heard the human side of it.

Our relationships with our pets are multi-faceted yet quite simple. Simple, as it is based on pure love-no expectations, no conditions, just deep heart-felt love. Our dogs are our best friends, our companions, and even our medication.

In our office, us crazy pet owners, often come to work without make-up, sometimes even without shoes, but


always with our dogs. The first time I walked through the doors of Memorial Galley, before I was employed her, the hustle and bustle was evident. The phones were ringing off the hook. Boxes were being packed at lightning speed. Engravers were bent over their machines like human question marks. Despite the intensity, the atmosphere was calm and for no other word, happy. Sure, I recognize ┬áthat those non-pet owners out there (and even those pet owners that think our humanization of our pets is just plain insane) would claim that our office’s amazing, dedicated team accounts for the bliss, but I think that is only part of it. What is it about having a pet curled up at our feet, or even 5 feet away that gives us such bliss?

There are gobs of human interest stories, blogs, and factually based research on the internet about the benefits our 4-legged companions impart on us humans. Numerous studies indicate that a daily romp or

cuddle with our pet can reduce stress hormones, blood pressure, and our reliance on anti-depressants. I don’t know about all that, and I don’t have all the studies to spout out facts. I just know how I feel when I am greeted at the door by my cat after a long day.

We here at Memorial Gallery hear from pet owners everyday who are suffering from the loss of their beloved furry companion. The details hang up the phone sniffling and dabbing our eyes, but with a smile on our face knowing we helped to capture the fond memories that they will forever hold close to their hearts.

Marta, Memorial Gallery staff

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